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A Star-Studded Audio Series from MHP and Radio Pictures

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

In a media landscape in which audio entertainment is gaining ground on the repetitive sameness of recent film and television offerings, the announcement of HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE is sending ripples through the industry, with players taking a second look at premium audio as launch pad for fresh, original entertainment. This series, brought to life by the creative minds at MHP and Radio Pictures, boasts an impressive cast that only adds to the anticipation surrounding its release.

Mark Haynes, the creator and executive producer behind the project, had this to say: “HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE is a unique storytelling experience that pushes the boundaries of audio entertainment. We've assembled a dream team of talent to bring this captivating tale to life, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the cast we've put together."

The driving force behind the writing, direction, and production of HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE is Kely Lyons, a multi-talented writer, director, producer, and partner at MHP. Lyons is known for her ability to deliver compelling and original stories, and she's poised to deliver another unforgettable narrative with this audio series.

Taking the auditory experience to the next level is Ted Bonnitt, technical director, sound designer and owner of Radio Pictures. His expertise in crafting immersive soundscapes promises to transport listeners into the heart of HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE.

Casting Director Russell Boast, CSA of Manwiller/Boast casting, was instrumental in assembling the stellar ensemble for this project. Boast's keen eye for talent and ability to match actors with their ideal roles is evident in the lineup.

Let's take a closer look at the major cast members who will be bringing HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE to life:

Santiago Cabrera as Professor John Gabriel Strasser

Known for his riveting performances in "Heroes”, “The Muskateers”, "Salvation" and “Star Trek: Picard”," Santiago Cabrera joins the cast in a pivotal role. His skill and versatility are set to shine in a double role ideally suited to his talents.

Sibongile Mlambo as Bess Houdini

Sibongile Mlambo, a rising star known for her roles in "Lost in Space," “Black Sails”, “Teen Wolf” and “Siren”, brings her exceptional talent to the project. Her ability to convey nuanced emotion through voice alone is captivating and moving.

M.C. Gainey as Secret Service Agent Grigsby

Veteran character actor M.C. Gainey, recognized for his memorable roles in "Lost" and "Justified”, adds a layer of gravitas and gritty authenticity to the ensemble. His commanding voice and experience leave a lasting impression.

Merrin Dungey as Dr. Nomi Bernard

Merrin Dungey, acclaimed for her work in "Alias" and "Suits," brings her skills to HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE as Dr. Nomi Bernard, the take-no-prisoners scientist who is more connected to the mystery than Strasser realizes.

Ian Anthony Dale as Lyford Dare

Ian Anthony Dale - a fan-favorite from “The Walking Dead”, “All Rise” and "Hawaii Five-0" - adds depth and intrigue to the ensemble. His talent for nuance and character will be on full  - and terrifying - display.

John Goodman as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Last but certainly not least, the legendary John Goodman takes a leading role in the series. With a career spanning decades and an Academy Award nomination to his name, Goodman's involvement elevates "HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE" to a whole new level as the formidable Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

With a top-flight cast and a riveting story to tell,  HINDSIGHT: THE DAY BEFORE promises to be a must-listen audio series. Along with other projects in development at MHP, this groundbreaking audio adventure is poised to redefine the medium.



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